The starting point for better HR strategy

How it works
Build a better strategy

75% of executives have requested workforce analytics. It's now understood that people are the source of competitive differentiation in most industries.

Collect the right data

The Saberr approach offers a deep and broad analysis to distil the replicable elements of great HR analytics. We then provide you with tools tailored to your industry and organisation.

Get actionable insight

Whether you want to develop an analytics strategy from scratch, or solve a specific business issue, you’ll find something to help.

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An integrated approach to team optimisation

  • Hiring

    Understand the impact of your hires and hire people with a better fit for the future

  • Attrition

    Understand what’s causing your unwanted attrition, and predict which of your top performers could be leaving

  • Learning and development

    Understand the ROI on your learning and development and focus your learning resources better

  • Leadership and management

    Track and reward the leadership or management approaches having the most positive impact overall

How it works

What to measure?

Better reporting starts with better numbers. But it’s hard to understand which data actually matter. We’ll show you how to link activities and metrics to business outcomes, and when leveraging "big data” can start to make sense.

How to analyse?

Being strategic requires a view across the enterprise to investigate how activities connect. The Playbook uses a broad lens, so that functional specialists (Resourcing), HR generalists (HRD), and finance and business leaders can make corresponding changes to their analytics by using linked results.

How to report and visualise to generate outcomes

Great reports are clear and actionable. You’ll receive a clear perspective on the data you should be connecting, tools to connect you to the business agenda, progress trackers so you can monitor progress at all times and reports for a great Board meeting.