Kestral Computing

Team optimisation: Case Study

The challenge

Identify high and low performing employees before you hire them to increase ROI in recruitment.

Our Action

Saberr were challenged to predict the performance of Kestral’s employees without any background knowledge.

The outcome

Saberr accurately predicted employee performance at the KPI level by measuring culture fit alone.

The challenge

Kestral Computing are an Australian tech company in the medical industry. Kestral knew they had some issues within one of their software development teams and suspecting that the issue could be traced back the effect one individual was having on a number of their coworkers. Kestrel were considering the best course of action, and were introduced to Saberr as a means to analyse their team from a data perspective and devise the best course of action.

Our action

Saberr were challenged to identify which individuals within the team performed best, which performed worst, and which performed in the middle of the pack. We conducted our analysis of the team without any prior knowledge of the skills, experience, seniority, length of service, nor demographic of the employees in the department. The aim was to test whether data science would support the combined observations and gut instincts of the Kestral management team.

The outcome

Saberr used their Team Optimisation Tool to rank all employees in the team by their average culture fit. Using this as a starting point, we were able to help Kestral solve some of the performance issues within their software development team.

Saberr accurately identified which employees fell into which category of performance, using culture fit as an established proxy for performance.

Saberr’s ranking of employees by culture fit matched Kestral’s internal ranking of employees by their existing observed KPI’s

Saberr suggested specific instances of further training combined with a team reshuffle to help increase the performance of other employees.

The ability to use culture fit to accurately predict employee performance has huge implications for the future of the recruitment industry. Imagine the benifit of knowing in advance the impact a new hire would have on the performance of a team, not just from a skills perspective but from a culture perspective.

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