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About Saberr

Putting the world’s most capable digital coach in the hands of every workplace team! Saberr helps managers become better leaders and improve their team's performance by equipping them with an on demand, scaleable coaching tool. It helps managers improve their one to ones, run interactive team sessions and access a library of learning content built alongside the world's best team coaches.

Teams that use CoachBot have seen a 20%+ performance improvement in less than 6 months. Get in touch to find out more.

About Saberr for coaches
Coaching at scale with Saberr.

As a Saberr accredited partner I’m uniquely positioned to offer cutting edge coaching technology alongside my current coaching practice.

CoachBot’s award winning software provides ongoing coaching that’s accessible at the point of need. Saberr’s technology goes hand in hand with traditional coaching. It’s technology can help capture learnings during coaching sessions, make it easier to include remote workers or nudge teams to work on what they’ve learned in-between sessions. Adding CoachBot can help create effective habits that stick.

is available to all my clients, if you’d like to know more, get in touch!

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I’m excited to announce that I’m now a Saberr ambassador! Find out more about CoachBot, Saberr’s award winning, scaleable coach designed to help managers improve their team’s performance by creating habits that stick!  

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