A team profile to help you understand relationships by measuring personality and values. Find new candidates based on cultural fit.


Saberr Base uses predictive analytics to improve team performance and help you make better hires.

  • Teams build stronger deeper relationships through sharing profiles
  • Helps assess risk and opportunities in hiring
  • Practical advice on how to deal with challenges and avoid conflict in existing teams
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For Hiring and Team Development

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Saberr Base predicts up to 30% of team performance
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82% of professionals believe measuring cultural fit is an important factor in recruitment yet only 32% do anything
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Increase Productivity, cohesive teams are more productive
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Reduce Attrition, HBR estimates that up to 80% of attrition is caused by poor hiring

How it works

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Each team member completes a 15 minute survey
Individual Report

Team members receive an individual report on their personality and values based on Schwartz Values Framework and The Big Five personality traits.
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Team Report

The team report helps you to understand the team in depth
  • The values the team holds and the collective strength of these values
  • Where conflict in the team is most likely to happen
  • Which values most influence your team's motivation
  • Exercises available for team to understand blind spots or better align to values of team
Pair Report

The pairs report lets you see relationships between two people in more detail
  • How easy it will be for the pair to work together
  • Which pairs may experience values based disagreements
  • Exercises available for team members to share profiles and build strong deeper relationships
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Candidate Report

See how well a candidate will fit the role, the team and organisation.
  • Understand their values alignment with the whole team
  • See how well they'll work with individual team members
  • View personality fit against your role requirements
  • Interview guide based on Saberr data ensures you will undertake robust culture interviews.

What is values alignment?

Saberr’s unique values alignment score gives an indicator of the level of shared values and tolerance for values between team members.

Values Alignment is a strong indicator of how easy or difficult it may be for team members to get along.


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