Case study: Iptor

November 26, 2021

Client context

Iptor is a leading provider of distribution management software, providing professional services and enterprise resource management software for distributors and wholesalers globally.


With the appointment of a new CEO in Feb 2016, Iptor was scheduled to go through an organisation transformation, as the new CEO was tasked with transforming a 40 year old global business with HQ in Stockholm which had been declining in revenues for more than 10 years, into a business with revenue growth and strong EBITDA.

The transformation would see a resize in business from 700 to 230 Employees, and a transition to global functions, as opposed to country specific. To complete this, ensuring the right leadership was in place, with the right skills and behaviour was critical to ensuring motivation and retention of the people who remained to deliver more with less would be critical.

Iptor used CoachBot to improve trust and collaboration (within teams and across teams) in order to achieve ambitious targets and increase business performance following a major restructure.

“Historically one of our major challenges was having everyone aligned and clear on their own objectives, team objectives and how this related to the company objectives. CoachBot has transformed that with clear team purpose and goals, retrospectives and one-to-ones.” - Annemie De Smet, HRD

The Results

  • Team performance improved by 26%
  • Teams reported being 54% more clear on their shared objectives
  • Teams felt more comfortable sharing challenges with their colleagues and managers (82% of participants agreed)
“Seeing some of most change resistant people embrace a new way of working in teams and one- to-one, is driving continual change within Iptor. It’s helped us grow faster by executing upon our strategic initiatives and is having a positive impact on our results but most importantly upon how we provide better solutions and experience for our customers. CoachBot has been a critical enabler on this change journey, and is a critical part of how we now work.” - Jayne Archbold, CEO

How was Saberr CoachBot used to support the transition

Iptor used CoachBot to improve trust and collaboration (within teams and across teams) in order to achieve ambitious targets and increase business performance following a major restructure. See below how it supported different levels of the business:

Executive Team:

Use of upfront remote expert facilitated sessions combined with CoachBot, the blended learning approach supported the executive team with:

  • Creation of strategic priorities and focuses
  • Agreed behaviours & team purpose

Extended Leadership Team:

Remote sessions combined with CoachBot supported this team with exploring the role of the manager as a coach and the practicalities of CoachBot, to enable them to focus on:

  • Focus on leadership behaviours and team purpose within functional and cross functional teams
  • Ongoing review of progress using data insights

Team Managers:

  • Roll out to all team managers, to ensure alignment of goals to strategy and support front line managers with leadership execution
  • Support performance review process with more regular two-way feedback between team lead and direct reports


  • One-to-ones were an area of focus to build strong relationships between team managers and their direct reports. Regular feedback is outstanding and demonstrated in results from individuals.

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