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Case study: NatWest

November 26, 2021


NatWest Markets wanted to supplement their well established coaching culture with a scaleable and cost effective digital coaching solution. They chose to use CoachBot to drive team development, in particular increased team performance and employee engagement.


  • Provide coaching at scale and reach more employees than currently possible with human coaches.
  • Provide low touch, high impact coaching that doesn’t distract from busy schedules.
  • Drive employee engagement.
  • Improve team’s functional performance.

Where are we now?

After a successful UK pilot in the Markets division, the bank are now rolling out CoachBot to the wider organisation.

Ahead of the roll out Saberr are providing a comprehensive train the trainer programme to ensure a successful implementation throughout the wider organisation. Trained executives will have an excellent understanding of the technology, know how to communicate Saberr to the teams, and are aware of theories behind Saberr’s products.

What do the bank think?

“CoachBot is a scalable coaching solution. 12 months of CoachBot is c.70% cheaper than a single human facilitated team session. 7 weeks to 2.5 months usage of CoachBot led to more open dialogue, agreement of behaviour changes, alignment in purpose and building shared understanding of values. There are emerging signs of behavioural shifts. We will be rolling CoachBot out to the wider business as a result of this pilot.” - Project Lead
“It’s better than human coaching for sure” - Senior Manager, Direct Management
“We are more accountable in our behaviours. We all feel more confident to call out when we are veering away from these agreed behaviours.” - Team Lead, ODC Management
“Before CoachBot I was unsure of the best way to start a dialogue with the guys from India. CoachBot opened that up and I have a far clearer dialogue with them... They understand how I work and I understand them. I find that really useful” - Senior Manager, ODC Management
“Lots of examples where people are behaving subtly differently. People are aware of where the niggles are and are hitting them head on. That’s really positive. But none of this gets fixed over a month or two months. After a year I'd expect it to fundamentally change.” - Team Lead, Direct Management

Results within 6 months

  • +12% improvement in team performance
  • +19% improvement on clarity od expected behaviours
  • +7% improvement in team NPS
  • +43% improvement in psychological safety

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