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New releases from CoachBot

February 4, 2021

This week we’re releasing two new features that will help your team with goal setting and checking in on your progress as a team.


You’ve probably gone through several goal setting exercises as a team over the years, but remembering to prioritise your work to focus on your goals and reflect on results isn’t always easy.

The goals board

CoachBot’s goals board enables you to set goals as a team, ensure they’re measurable and that there’s someone to report on them (so they’re not forgotten a couple of weeks down the line)! You can also report on and update your confidence level on an ongoing basis.

Having a set of shared goals are a key foundation of team success. Teams that are able to measure progress towards their goals are likely to have higher rates of motivation and success. Accountability can improve too if team members can see the contribution their individual efforts are making to the team’s progress.

Here’s a quick snippet of how it works…

See a full demo here.

The Team Canvas

A homepage for your team.

CoachBot’s team canvas is our second launch this week. It will be central to your team’s CoachBot experience. From the canvas you can launch CoachBot’s interactive sessions and store the outcomes of these sessions for you to revisit and update over time.

Everything in one place

Teams using CoachBot usually start by agreeing upon their purpose, goals and norms — the foundations of great teamwork. While setting a purpose and goals is important, you need regular reminders of what they are for them to be effective. Filed away they risk being forgotten as the team continues with their day to day.

The team canvas is where your team can go to check in. Here’s how it looks…

If you’d like to try CoachBot with your team get it touch at hq@saberr.com and we’ll get you set up in no time!

Find out more about Saberr at www.saberr.com

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