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How Iptor improved team performance by 26% with performance management software
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Building higher-performing teams: Iptor’s Story

For any business undergoing a complete organisational transformation, strong leadership, trust and collaboration is crucial for success.  

This was a key focus for distribution management software provider, Iptor, when they resized their business from 700 to 230 employees back in 2016, following the appointment of a new CEO and the decision to transform a 40-year-old struggling business into one with strong revenue growth.  

What made their situation even more challenging was that the restructure required a transition from country-specific functions to global ones, a move that further required their remaining staff to deliver more with less.

Ultimately, the company knew that any future success would rely heavily on the skills and behaviours of their leadership team and management, as this was critical for keeping staff motivated and valued, while retaining them as employees.

Solution: How Iptor used Saberr to improve business performance following a major restructure

To achieve their ambitious growth targets, Iptor knew that they desperately needed to establish trust and improve collaboration, both within the individual teams and across the company.  

It was at this point they made the decision to implement Saberr.

As an all-in-one Employee Experience Platform, Saberr has been able to help the organisation at each of its different levels, from the Executive team and management, through to the employees.  

Implementing a more efficient performance management process

Prior to implementing Saberr, employee-manager discussions around performance typically only occurred once every six months. Now, all teams across the business are using Saberr to continually discuss ways to improve both individual and team performance.

“Historically, one of our major challenges was having everyone aligned and clear on their own objectives, team objectives and how this related to the company’s objectives. Saberr has transformed that with clear team purpose and goals, retrospectives and one-to-ones". Annemie De Smet, HRD

Motivating managers to coach their teams

In addition to helping managers across the company align goals to strategies, Saberr has also facilitated more regular two-way feedback between these team leads and their direct reports.  

In fact, this improved communication, delivered through regular one-to-ones, has been a key driver in the team regularly receiving outstanding feedback, which has been further demonstrated through individual results.  

Managers are also continually learning and developing, thanks to on-the-job training within Saberr. More specifically, the Smart Tips feature within the platform provides them with contextually relevant information, content and even templates.

Helping the Executive Team establish strategic priorities

By combining use of the software with remote expert facilitated sessions, the executive team benefited from a blended learning approach. This specifically enabled them to develop strategic priorities and focuses and establish agreed behaviours and team purpose.

“The ability to integrate expert sessions that dovetail with the Saberr platform that teams could use on the ground has been fantastic. Teams come out of these workshops and can access the tools when and where they need it. This makes it much easier to embed the change we’ve been talking about.”

Results: Significant improvement in team performance

Since using Saberr, Iptor have seen the performance of their teams improve by 26%. This is largely down to increased collaboration and communication.  

What’s more, teams across the business have reported being as much as 62% more clear on their shared objectives, with 82% of employees now feeling more comfortable sharing the challenges they’re experiencing with their colleagues and managers.

“Seeing some of the most change resistant people embrace a new way of working in teams and one-to-one is driving continual change within Iptor. It’s helped us grow faster by executing upon our strategic initiatives and is having a positive impact on our results, but most importantly upon how we provide better solutions and experience for our customers. Saberr has been a critical enabler on this change journey and is a critical part of how we now work”. Jayne Archbold, CEO

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