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How KPMG developed high-performing teams globally with Saberr
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Investing in teamwork to drive business performance: KPMG’s Story

Improving business performance is almost always the number one objective in any organisation and as such, businesses often implement systems and processes that aim to develop the skills and capabilities of their employees, particularly those in leadership positions.

The problem is, these systems and processes often fail to work, for the simple reason that they focus almost entirely on the performance of employees as individuals, despite the fact that business success relies heavily on the performance of its teams.

It therefore comes as no surprise that more and more organisations are beginning to shift their focus to the effectiveness of teamwork, providing their managers with the tools and knowledge to develop not only themselves, but the teams they lead.

One such organisation that realised the value of investing in team development was global consultancy firm, KPMG.

Solution: How KPMG used Saberr to deliver team coaching worldwide

KPMG knew that in order to improve performance and drive change across the organisation, they would need to deliver team coaching to their entire workforce.

The problem they had was being able to offer it at scale and reach every employee.

It was at this point they made the decision to implement Saberr. The Saberr platform has specifically enabled KPMG to:

Provide coaching to employees in time pressured environments

One of KPMG’s objectives was to provide effective coaching to employees that didn’t have much time to spend on their development.

By combining machine learning with Saberr’s deep understanding of behavioural science, the platform allowed KPMG employees to access highly relevant learning resources, templates and exercises in the flow of work – at the exact moments they needed it. This on-the-job coaching also meant that the company’s learning management system was being used and not just gathering dust.

Turn managers into coaches

By using Saberr, KPMG has been able to facilitate more regular and structured conversations between managers and their direct reports.

More specifically, the platform has given all managers across the business the tools, knowledge and confidence to empower their teams to do their best work. This has included providing them with access to relevant learning resources, delivered in the flow of work, while also enabling them to develop higher-performing teams by understanding and leveraging the strengths and values of each team member.

Provide coaching to remote and hybrid workers, worldwide

It was important to KPMG that they were able to provide their remote managers with the same coaching opportunities as those based in offices.

With teams dotted across the globe, however, KPMG knew that the only way they would be able to offer cost-effective and accessible coaching to everyone would be digitally.

The Saberr platform not only connects teams wherever they are in the world, but it also enables managers to overcome the challenges of leading remote and hybrid teams, by giving them access to structured meeting templates and interactive exercises.

Reduce the cost of coaching

Since using Saberr, KPMG has seen team performance improve by 17% and inter-team collaboration improve by as much as 55%.

In addition to this, relationships and team unity across the business improved by 25%, with teams now 41% more likely to discuss how they can develop and improve, and 18% reporting an improvement in creating a culture of inclusivity.

“Because of Saberr, the team is always improving and we’ve developed a culture where everyone always wants to support each other to succeed”. Team Member at KPMG 

Offer management coaching at scale with Saberr

Effective teamwork has never been as important as it is today, with more and more organisations offering remote and hybrid working schedules.

In order to improve teamwork and ultimately business performance, it’s therefore crucial that you’re developing both your managers and the teams they lead.

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