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Significantly reduce the time required for managers to engage and develop their team.
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Saberr’s products are used by 40,000+ users in more than 46 different countries

How it works

Great one-to-ones

Make continuous performance development a reality with CoachBot’s one to one feature. Intelligent suggestions and timely nudges help both parties create shared agendas ahead of the meeting and capture notes and actions for after the meeting.

Interactive team workshops

Team discussions around topics such as defining your team's purpose or agreeing shared behaviours can be 'digitally facilitated' by CoachBot - meaning that everyone in the team get's their voice heard regardless of whether they're remote or in the same room.

Structured courses

Specifically designed to help you learn the basics of great team management through practise. Saberr’s courses are all about bringing theory to life and getting hands on with the challenges you are actually facing day to day.

Library of learning resources

Whether you want to give or receive feedback, learn a better way to set goals or even how to upward manage your boss! CoachBot's library of guides and exercises can give you the knowledge you need - when you need it.

Sourced from your company’s learning archive or crafted by Saberr’s expert team coaches.

Organisation insights

Track the progress of teams over time and understand how aligned different pockets of the business are with company objectives.

Protect the privacy of individual employees without loosing meaningful data on trends and themes.

Results in 6 months

When managers and teams use CoachBot for just 1½ hours a month, there is an average increase of...
team performance
employee engagement
psychological safety
One of our major challenges was having everyone aligned and clear on their objectives and how these liked to the company objectives. CoachBot has transformed that with clear team purpose, goals, retrospectives and 1-1’s.
Annemie De Smet
HRD at Iptor
CoachBot is a scalable coaching solution. 12 months of CoachBot is 70% cheaper than a single human facilitated session. We’ve seen a lot more open dialogue, alignment and a shared understanding of our values. We’re rolling CoachBot out to the wider business as a result.
Simon Baty
Head of Fixed Income at NatWest
Saberr is, in my honest opinion, leading the way in terms of combining the best underlying science with impressive analytics, NLP, AI, bots, etc. to support work teams.
Michael O’Leary
Faculty Chair, Georgetown University

Use cases

All managers and teams benefit from CoachBot, but it is particularly powerful for:
Leadership development
Today’s leaders have huge demands on their time. Which is why CoachBot helps leaders learn and grow in the flow of work. Timely nudges and a huge library of learning materials give leaders the help they need in the moment and on-demand.
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Performance management
Make continuous coaching conversations a reality with CoachBot. And keep a complete history of everything discussed to make annual reviews a breeze.
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Agile transformation
CoachBot makes it easy to adopt agile practises in each and every team. Whether you use the retrospectives tool for regular reflection or discuss iterations in 1-1's. Decision making is faster and more consistent when you're supported by the right tools.
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Remote working
Keeping everyone one the same page is easy with CoachBot's simple facilitation for team meetings and suggestions for discussing thorny issues. It's the best way to maintain strong, trusting relationships for remote team members.
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Award winning technology

Most Innovative New Learning Technologies Product
Best use of AI in Human Resources
Business Transformation Award
Best use of Technology in Learning

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