A digital coach to support managers, teams and organisations.

Align teams to your organisation's objectives. Drive performance by supporting managers in team meetings and one to ones. Track progress across the company.

CoachBot's smart, digital coaching helps managers have better conversations with their team - and tracks progress over time.

Works with busy schedules and remote or co-located teams
Easy to roll out at scale
Makes learning stick with regular check-ins
“CoachBot is a great product for us because it offers bitesize coaching that the teams can work on at a time that suits them. It means we don’t have to take days out of service for long courses and if we need to move things around due to patient needs we can do so without incurring extra cost.”


Great one-to-ones

Vastly better one-to-ones. CoachBot supports managers with scheduling, creating shared agendas and recording notes for one-to-ones. Helping both parties get more out of each conversation.

"By far the best one-to-ones we've had so far. It was really rewarding to communicate better."
- Senior Manager at WeWork

Digitally facilitated sessions

Team discussions around topics such as defining your team's purpose or agreeing shared behaviours can be 'digitally facilitated' by CoachBot - meaning that everyone in the team get's their voice heard regardless of whether they're remote or in the same room

Library of learning resources

Whether you want to give or receive feedback, learn a better way to set goals or even how to upward manage your boss! CoachBot's library of guides and exercises can give you the knowledge you need - when you need it.

All of our library content has been designed alongside world class coaches.

Organisation insights

Track the progress of teams over time and understand how aligned different pockets of the business are with company objectives.

Protect the privacy of individual employees without loosing meaningful data on trends and themes.

Your first year with CoachBot

First 3 months

Better conversations and behaviours within teams resulting in improved employee engagement.

3 -12 months

Teams will build trust, be better at decision making and outcomes will start to improve.

12 months onwards

Improved psychological safety, organisational agility and cross team collaboration.

“I think in the future we’ll look back at today and say, using Saberr was the day when things changed for us.”
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