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Flexible and scalable digital coaching for teams
Whether your team's purpose is to land a probe on Mars or land a big client project, your solution will be quicker, more ingenious and more robust if you're working in a high-functioning team.
CoachBot's smart, digital coaching delivers bite-sized insights and practical skills to help teams improve the way they work.
Works with busy schedules and remote or co-located teams
Easy to roll out at scale
Makes learning stick with regular check-ins
“CoachBot is a great product for us because it offers bitesize coaching that the teams can work on at a time that suits them. It means we don’t have to take days out of service for long courses and if we need to move things around due to patient needs we can do so without incurring extra cost.”
Build habits step by step
Start with foundations
Work through CoachBot’s guided sessions to establish a motivating team purpose, shared goals and team behaviours.
Screenshot of chatbot doing a check-in
Regular check-ins
The team regularly answer a few questions about their progress to build a habit of reflection. The results are collated by CoachBot to share in the next team meeting.
Screenshot of chatbot doing a check-in
Screenshot of CoachBot canvas webpage
Track progress in the team canvas
Track and review progress on key areas of teamwork. Keep a visual reminder of what's been discussed, and ensure total transparency for everyone in the team.
Screenshot of Saberr teamwork library
Continual development
CoachBot is always there. Pick what suits your team’s working style, from CoachBot sessions to expert human coaching or our library of teamwork resources.

Everything is designed to fit alongside day to day work, with sessions from 15 minutes to two hours.
Screenshot of Saberr teamwork library
Your first year with CoachBot
First 3 months
Better conversations and behaviours within teams resulting in improved employee engagement.
3 - 12 months
Teams will build trust, be better at decision making and outcomes will start to improve.
12 months onwards
Improved psychological safety, organisational agility and cross team collaboration.
Case Studies
See how P&G reimagined performance development
Proctor and Gamble’s supply group are focused on creating the organisation of the future.
They understand that teamwork is at the core of good business so are using Saberr to deepen relationships in the team, establish strong teamwork foundations and build a habit of regular reflection.

Teams across Poland, Germany, Czech Republic and Switzerland are using Saberr. As a result they’re building trust, becoming stronger, more honest, more productive and successful.
See how Charlotte Tilbury used data to improve teams and hiring
Charlotte Tilbury
Saberr Base has become an integral part of Charlotte Tilbury’s hiring process both in the UK and USA.

Starting with the UK head office plus selected team members in high performing stores Charlotte Tilbury was able to understand more about what makes a great team within the company and use this as a basis for future hiring.

The UK roll out was so well received Base is now being integrated into the company’s applicant tracking system and extended to the US as part of their global recruitment process.
See how the NHS made learning fit with busy schedules
Saberr is providing nursing teams in the NHS with team development that fits alongside day-to-day work. They can access CoachBot sessions at any time and have the flexibility to work around changing patient needs.

Together we’re working on improving team communication, employee confidence, wellbeing and team trust. As well as helping teams create their own purpose, goals and norms giving them a greater sense of control and accountability.
Per employee per year
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“I think in the future we’ll look back at today and say, using Saberr was the day when things changed for us.”
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