Improve your team's performance with intelligent digital coaching, personalised for your team.


CoachBot helps measure engagement & more importantly drive action.

  • Coachbot encourages the team to take action to work better together
  • It only involves HR Managers or Human Coaches when it is most valuable or teams ask for it
  • CoachBot allows coaching to scale to all teams
  • Continuous, always there when the team needs a hand
  • Bitesized learning that fits in alongside day to day work
  • Small nudges to remind the team to act on what they've learnt
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How it works

Meet your Saberr Buddy, a person at Saberr that will guide the team through their development and answer your questions.

CoachBot chats to your team and figures out where the team should focus on improving.

CoachBot develops a tailored learning plan customisable to your business.

To work well together you need to get talking. CoachBot's success is not measured by the amount of time you spend using it, but how well you progress as a team.

CoachBot focuses on six key areas of teamwork

Roles and Responsibilities
Goals and Purpose
Decision Making
Teamwork Survey
CoachBot starts by finding out a bit more about your team with a 15 minute chat.

This helps tailor your coaching to what's most relevant for your team.
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Team Report
Once CoachBot has spoken to everyone, it processes your answers through its super brain. It shows where the team is doing well and recommends some areas to work on.

CoachBot is much smarter than a human, spotting patterns and finding the best areas for improvement.
Choosing A Toolkit
Now you know where to start it's time to pick a toolkit.

CoachBot excercises have been developed alongside expert team coaches and can all be self facilitated offline.

What's a Toolkit?




There's something to suit all teams. Fun, serious, speedy or slow, CoachBot can help. Over time, as it gets to know you better CoachBot will recommend exercises that suit your style.

After each exercise or toolkit CoachBot will check in on how well it went. You can ask it to remind you to implement what you've learnt then you can continue focusing on this area or move onto something else.




Per person per

When the team could benefit from a Human Coach or if they request it, CoachBot can recommend the best expert team coach to suit your team.

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