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Add team coaching sessions alongside CoachBot for maximum impact

Our coaching partners are team specialists which is a unique skill. We match them to your industry, style and needs.

Having a coach to help guide your journey can help accelerate the team's progress.

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How it works

Choose from four types of session


Regular sessions over time for sustained impact


One or two days to tackle related topics in depth

Time Out

A four hour session on one topic enabling greater discussion


90 minute high impact session that works around your busy schedule.


Choose a topic

Getting started


Coach Taster Session

We've packaged the key principles of teamwork, using CoachBot and working with a coach.

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Team Retrospective

Review CoachBot's teamwork survey and agree where to focus team development

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Team performance Coaching

Programme of sessions typically staring with one day off-site and quarterly reviews

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Goals and Purpose

Goal Clarity

Develop clear actionable goals for your team and sub teams

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Start with why. Define your team purpose in a way that connects with team members

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What team do we want to be?

Agree the team behaviours you'd like to become the norm. Discuss how you'll make that happen.

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Team Lead Coaching

Team leads can talk about how to effectively manage teams supported by team profile data from Base

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Energy and Resilience

Develop habits that lead to resilience in high performing teams

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Team Relationships

Understanding the rich diversity of your team through exploring team members Base profile

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One on One Coaching

Anyone in the team can talk about their Base profile and commitments to the team

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Feeding the feedback habit

Coaching teams to give regular, constructive feedback

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Hiring: Culture fit

Using Base profile to understand cultural fit with a candidate

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Awesome Meetings

Develop the disciplines for great meetings

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Team 360

Get a 360 review of the team from key stakeholders

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Decision Making

Decision Making

Develop inclusive and robust decision processes. Deal with unwanted bias.

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