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We focus on people skills, not technical skills. Whether you’re a team leader or a team member, the Saberr platform is the best way to learn how to get the most from yourself and those around you.
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How Saberr powers leadership development

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Upskill managers in the flow of work

Saberr’s machine learning capabilities enables managers across your organization to develop their leadership skills on the job, with contextually relevant tips, tools and content delivered in the flow of work and without distracting from busy schedules.

Support managers with building the right habits

Ensure managers are putting the seven habits of highly effective teams into practice. This includes having regular one-to-ones, establishing well-defined team goals and action plans, and reflecting on what is and isn’t working as a team. Saberr not only facilitates these conversations, but it also helps to improve the quality of them and drive better outcomes.
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Enable managers to run better meetings

With access to templates for every type of meeting, your managers can ensure that both their one-to-ones and team sessions have structure, in turn reducing scheduled meeting times by as much as 40%, resulting in significant cost-savings for your organization.

Provide leaders with richer insights

Understand how teams across the business are feeling and where to direct support, with access to both qualitative and quantitative insights. Identify critical issues before they escalate through the use of both pulse surveys and sentiment analysis insights.
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Example of Saberr's people & team analytics dashboard

Easily track the ROI of leadership development coaching

Saberr’s operational reports track key indicators for team performance, enabling you to track whether your investment in leadership development is having an impact on team performance. Additionally, access usage data to see which teams and managers are building the right habits.

Benefit from both digital and human coaching

Saberr works with leading team coaches to support and drive effective change, meaning that you can benefit from a combination of both human and digital coaching in your organization. As a digital coaching solution, Saberr is always on, reinforcing consistent habits and ensuring that learning is embedded into practice.
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