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We work closely with our partners to deliver innovative & award winning programmes with a measurable impact for our clients
40,000+ users trust Saberr to drive performance & engagement
Trusted by forward thinking HR teams, from scale-ups to enterprise
Customer logos. Siemens, Unilever, NHS, GE, NatWest, P&G, TreatwellCustomer logos. Siemens, Unilever, NHS, GE, NatWest, P&G, TreatwellCustomer logos. Siemens, Unilever, NHS, GE, NatWest, P&G, Treatwell
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“The Saberr Platform turns coaches into enterprise-wide orchestrators of team coaching and cultural curators, developing a long-term relationship with the whole company, instead of just a couple of teams.”
Professor Peter Hawkins, Leading author, consultant, researcher & leadership coach
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Saberr is, in my honest opinion, leading the way in terms of combining the best underlying science with impressive analytics, NLP, AI, bots, etc. to support work teams.
Michael O'Leary, Senior Associate Dean, Georgetown University McDonough School of Business
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The different ways we partner

Please get in touch to discuss any of the following.

Consultancy: Change & Transformation and People & Culture

We partner with leading consultancy firms and change and transformation consultancies, in particular support cultural change and people processes. Saberr software is often used to turbo-charge change programmes. Behavioural change at scale. Get in touch here to schedule a meeting.
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We partner with the world’s leading coaches to deliver “blended programmes”. This includes bespoke executive team coaching as well as for earlier career managers. We often support a journey for the manager to become “the coach for their team”. For our clients this integrates the benefits of human and digital coaching seamlessly.
This enables our partner coaches to have wider impact and longer relationships. Reaching not just a few teams but across the organisation.
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Ambassadors & referrals

We are delighted that a lot of our business comes through word of mouth. If you are interested in understanding our referral scheme then click the button below:
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Technology integrations

Effective modern people solutions need to integrate into the workflow. Our technical team support integrations so that Saberr tools are available when and where managers and teams need to access. If you think that an integration into your software makes sense get in touch here.
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