Performance management

Transform your approach to performance management and ensure continuous performance enablement for teams and individuals.
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Performance enablement programs for teams and individuals

Personal performance

Enable your people to take control of their own career. Help them understand their leadership style, collect feedback from peers, and manage their own development goals.

Employee performance

Manage the performance of your employees by equipping your managers with the skills and knowledge to deliver regular one-to-ones and provide continuous feedback.

Team performance

Ensure teams are aligned, resilient, and developing the habits needed for high-performance.

Our approach to performance management

Blend offline with online

The first challenge for any performance management system is motivation. Clever technology can't solve this on it's own. The best performance management processes first engage people's hearts and minds before giving them the tools to sustain new habits and routines.

Old & new

Some aspects of performance are enduring. But the world has changed and new research grows our understanding all the time. We integrate the best of the old with the new.

Leader & team

Performance isn't just about the leader. To see a positive ROI on performance development, leaders must prepare their teams for change too. We strengthen the connection between leaders and the teams that deliver performance.

Manage and improve performance with Saberr

We’re experts at developing great leaders and high performing teams whether they’re in the office or remote. Our approach focuses on creating habits and routines so that behaviour change really lasts.

Enable better performance with continuous feedback

Saberr not only makes it easy for your managers to have regular and meaningful development conversations with their direct reports, but our feedback tool also ensures they’re equipped to provide feedback in real-time, putting their team members on a clear path towards continuous improvement.

Reinforce learning and develop your managers on-the-job

In many coaching programs, there is a chasm between what gets taught and what gets put into practice in a real world setting. Saberr closes this chasm by integrating digital coaching into your leadership program. Using a combination of machine learning, behavioral science, and nudge coaching technology, Saberr’s leadership development software delivers contextually relevant learning resources to managers in the flow of their work, not only reinforcing learning, but also enabling them to continue developing on-the-job.

Train leaders as coaches

Using a combination of experiential training sessions and digital reinforcement, Saberr can provide you with bespoke, high-impact leadership programs, focused on developing your leaders as coaches. Change mindsets to create an organization-wide coaching culture, and equip your managers with the skills they need to have coaching conversations with their teams.

Maximize team potential

The greatest achievements are often the product of teamwork, not just individual performance, which is why Saberr helps you not only manage team performance, but improve it. From masterclasses focused on building psychological safety, to our team coaching sessions, right through to our software that supports managers with improving the effectiveness of their teams, Saberr can support you in developing high-performing teams, company-wide.

Easily identify the managers and teams that need more support

Pinpoint the teams across your organization that are struggling to develop the habits needed for effective teamwork, with Saberr’s advanced reporting capabilities. We won’t just provide you with the insights, we will also link you to the resources that will help these teams improve the way they work.

Make team meetings more productive

With access to conversation guides, a digital meeting agenda, and even interactive exercises, managers can ensure they’re not only reducing the time needed to set up for a meeting, but that their teams are having better quality meetings in less time. In turn, they will be able to make more efficient and effective use of everyone’s time, helping boost productivity and performance.

Refresh your approach to performance management

Achieve performance improvements across your organization with Saberr’s three stage approach.


Rethink the people, processes and technology that supports your approach to performance management.


Shift mindsets and get buy-in from stakeholders by effectively communicating the change.

Continued support

Ensure this new approach to performance management is a success with continued support. This will often include capability development through coaching and masterclasses, as well as through regular feedback.

Experiences that develop a new performance culture

We will work with you to design a program that is bespoke to the needs of your business, using a combination of the following coaching formats.

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Measuring the impact of performance management

Track whether your new approach to performance management is having an impact with access to qualitative insights from your coaching sessions, and quantitative insights from Saberr’s digital platform.

Use data to show ROI

Understand the impact your new approach to performance management is having on your performance outcomes by making the link between activities and outcomes. For example, do people who receive more regular one-to-ones and feedback show an improvement in psychological safety?

Spot trends and gaps

With Saberr’s heat map functionality, you can easily see which habits are being developed across the business and compare between teams. You can also pinpoint those that may need additional support.

See who’s engaging with learning content

View course completion rates and get an idea of how your teams—and the managers that lead them—are interacting with your learning resources.

Use data to inform future strategy

With Saberr’s text analytics and data modeling capabilities, you can Identify key themes around cross-team collaboration in your company, using this insight to not only improve cross-team working, but to also create a team of teams culture which can support organization-wide performance.

Connect to your business analytics suite

“Harvest the learning” from formal coaching conversations over time, and spot themes. Then export your data directly to your analytics suite, straight from Saberr’s dashboard.

It won’t take long to see the results

Results you can expect within 6 months of implementing Saberr
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employee engagement
psychological safety

Access to best in class coaches

Our coaches are widely recognised as some of the best in the world

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Already have an in-house coaching team?

Saberr’s Train the Trainer programs are great for equipping corporate in-house trainers with the latest knowledge and skills to not only facilitate high impact coaching sessions, but to also ensure maximum learning transfer and knowledge retention amongst employees.

From performance management to performance enablement

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