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Help managers and teams adopt the habits that lead to consistant high performance. With continuous coaching  conversations, goals check-ins and more...
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How Saberr creates a culture of performance

Example of Saberr's goals feature

Empower individuals to do their best work

Saberr not only helps managers facilitate more regular one-to-ones with their direct reports, but we also provide meeting agenda templates for every type of one-to-one discussion, allowing for more meaningful two-way interactions and therefore more motivated employees.

Develop high-performing teams

The greatest achievements are often the product of teamwork, not just individual performance, which is why our software helps you manage team performance. Whether you’re using our interactive exercises for setting team goals or want to equip managers with the knowledge to lead great teams with our expert curated courses, Saberr is a coaching solution for high-performance teams.
Illustration of Saberr's individual goals feature
Illustration of Saberr's progress report and engagement survey

Easily identify the teams that need more support

Pinpoint the teams across your organization that are struggling to develop the habits needed for effective teamwork, with Saberr’s advanced reporting capabilities. We don’t just provide you with the insights, we will also link you to the resources that will help them improve the way they work.

Enable better performance with continuous feedback

Replace annual performance reviews with continuous feedback conversations, with help from Saberr. By equipping your managers with the tools and learning resources to discuss performance, leverage their team’s skills and even have difficult conversations, you stand to create a more motivated, skilled and productive workforce.
Example of Saberr's employee engagement pulse survey
Illustration of connecting Saberr's human coaching programme via video call

Train managers to have coaching conversations

Saberr not only provides managers with agenda templates for more structured and effective meetings, but our machine learning capabilities deliver contextually relevant tips and resources in the flow of work, enabling them to have coaching conversations with their team which in turn helps drive better results.

Reduce meeting set-up time

By providing managers with access to templated meeting agendas, while also enabling both parties to add to the agenda ahead of any given meeting, managers no longer have to spend hours preparing, saving them valuable time.
Illustration of Saberr's performance management check-ins feature
Saberr integrates with Slack, Microsoft Teams, Suite and Outlook

Seamless integrations

Microsoft Teams
Do everything you can do on the Saberr web platform without leaving Microsoft Teams.
Create agendas and get reminders for upcoming meetings right from inside Slack
Microsoft 365
Seamlessly connects with your Microsoft account
Google Suite
Seamlessly connects with your Google account

Performance Management Resources

Performance Management FAQs

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