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Customer logos. Siemens, Unilever, NHS, GE, NatWest, P&G, TreatwellCustomer logos. Siemens, Unilever, NHS, GE, NatWest, P&G, TreatwellCustomer logos. Siemens, Unilever, NHS, GE, NatWest, P&G, Treatwell
One of our major challenges was having everyone aligned and clear on their objectives and how these liked to the company objectives. Saberr has transformed that with clear team purpose, goals, retrospectives and 1-1’s.
Annemie De Smet
HRD, Iptor
Saberr is a scalable coaching solution. 12 months of Saberr is 70% cheaper than a single human facilitated session. We’ve seen a lot more open dialogue, alignment and a shared understanding of our values. We’re rolling Saberr out to the wider business as a result.
Simon Baty
Direct Management, NatWest
Saberr are, in my honest opinion, leading the way in terms of combining the best underlying science with impressive analytics, NLP, AI, bots, etc. to support work teams.
Michael O’Leary
Faculty Chair, Georgetown University

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What is the pricing for services?

Our pricing for services reflect the services that you want and the seniority of the teams that you are supporting. So the best thing is to get in touch, we can run trough the coaching and service options and provide a quote.

  • Our executive team coaching is typically charged on a day rate. Prices vary depending on the seniority and experience of the coach required. We have access to coaches for most needs and budgets.
  • Our platform coaching is charged with a set up fee that is based on the size of the organisation. Then we charge a session fee which depends on the types of sessions you are keen to include in your offer to employees.
  • Masterclasses are charged with a programme fee. You can get large numbers of leaders to attend a session. We partner with inspiring speakers and true experts in the field.
Is technical support included in the cost of subscription?

Yes. All users have access to our support desk. In fact you can message them right now using the widget in the bottom right corner of your screen. We've also got a comprehensive help site which has answers to most user questions.

Data privacy and GDPR questions?

We store our data in the EU and are fully GDPR compliant. Full information can be found on our privacy & security help section.

How long does it take for implementation?
The technical complexity of set up is low and, from our perspective can happen quickly. In days or weeks - not months. The solution is cloud based and doesn’t require complex integrations.
If you are looking for technical integrations or high levels of customisation the timeframe can extend a little. But we are pretty agile and one of our values is  “a  bias for action.”
We’ll also work closely with you to ensure you have tall the technical and commercial signs off in place as quickly as possible.

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