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Ensure your teams are connected and achieving great results, wherever they are in the world.
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How Saberr makes remote & hybrid teamwork seamless

Illustration of Saberr's employee development check-ins feature

Keep everyone connected

Ensure your teams are fostering strong relationships regardless of where they’re based. Help speed up the process of getting to know one another with Saberr’s profiling tool, allowing team members to share information such as their working preferences, strengths, weaknesses, values, red buttons and even what they get up to outside of work.

Support regular, structured one-to-ones

Your remote and hybrid workforce should feel included, empowered and engaged with regular check ins and continuous feedback conversations. Give your managers access to a library of one-to-one agenda templates, with the added bonus that Saberr will surface contextually relevant content and exercises based on the agenda items, enabling on-the-job coaching.
Illustration of Saberr's smart learning content being suggested based on an agenda item
Illustration of Saberr's employee engagement survey on remote work

Spot issues before they escalate

With Saberr’s pulse survey feature, you can gather regular insight into how your remote and hybrid teams are feeling and create actions to fix any problems as they arise, in turn helping to increase employee engagement, improve retention rates and establish trust.

Give managers the tools to lead high-performing remote teams

Make it easier for managers to lead remote and hybrid teams, by providing access to an extensive range of meeting templates, interactive team exercises and learning content at the moments they need it most. By having more regular, structured conversations with their teams, managers can ensure everyone is aligned and working towards the same goal.
Illustration of Saberr's team retrospectives template
Example of Saberr's courses and other learning content in our LMS

Help remote managers achieve the right balance

It can be hard for managers to strike the right balance between providing too much and too little contact with remote employees. Saberr’s nudges and prompts help the team to stay on track and make sure that learnings get embedded without team members feeling like they’re being micromanaged.

Improve psychological safety within teams

Establish trust and ensure accountability within every team in the organization, by encouraging managers to work with their teams to develop agreed behaviors. By developing these behavioral norms as a team exercise, individuals will feel more empowered to speak up, increasing psychological safety.
Example of Saberr's interactive team exercises for defining norms and a team charter
Saberr integrates with Slack, Microsoft Teams, Suite and Outlook

Seamless integrations

Microsoft Teams
Do everything you can do on the Saberr web platform without leaving Microsoft Teams.
Create agendas and get reminders for upcoming meetings right from inside Slack
Microsoft 365
Seamlessly connects with your Microsoft account
Google Suite
Seamlessly connects with your Google account

Remote & Hybrid Working Resources

Remote & Hybrid FAQs

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It won’t take long to see the results

When managers and teams use Saberr for just 1½ hours a month, there is an average increase of...


team performance


employee engagement


psychological safety
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