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10 Essential meeting templates for managers

Covering everything from goal setting, to development conversations, wellbeing and everything in-between
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  • 10 templates for different one-to-one meetings including goal setting, developing strengths and checking in on stress
  • 3 Tips for making your one-to-ones more effective
  • Learn when to have different conversations
  • Templates for career development conversations

Learn how to improve communication with your team, set clear expectations and become a great team leader

Developing the performance of your team isn't easy. Not only do you have to have regular, honest and practical discussions with your team about performance but you also have to manage your own workload on top!

Let us give you a helping hand. We've created a guide with the top 10 most important conversations you need to be having with your team. Complete with agenda items so you don't have to do hours of research and planning before your next meeting.

Put these simple templates into practise and your team will soon be thanking you for showing just what it means to be a great manager!

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