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The business case for investing in teamwork

An in depth look at the ROI of investing in team effectiveness over individual performance
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Learn how to evaluate the business case for investing in teamwork

When investing in any technology platform or leadership program, it’s wise to consider whether you can justify the investment. The problem, however, is that this is particularly challenging for those working in learning and development, as it is difficult to track outcomes.

After all, the complex pathways that result in changed outcomes makes it almost impossible to demonstrate causation. In other words, it’s very hard to prove that a certain training resulted in a given change in behavior, which then resulted in a change in how the team operated, which ultimately resulted in improved performance.

In fact, it then becomes even more complex given that research suggests as much as 70% of learning comes from on-the-job experiences, compared to only 10% coming from courses and formal training.

Despite this complexity, all investment needs to be evidence-based. The starting point for evidence-based management is that management decisions should be based on critical thinking and the best available evidence. By ‘evidence’ we mean research, information, facts or data supporting (or contradicting) a claim, assumption or hypothesis. Evidence can come from scientific research, observed business results, and professional experience.

At Saberr, we have built our programs and platform based on the evidence.

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Learn how to evaluate the business case for investing in teamwork