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Hybrid: making it work for you

Everything HR professionals need to know about creating an effective hybrid organisation and high performing remote teams
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Learn how to plan, communicate and create an effective hybrid work model

Whether you’re a CEO, Head of HR, or a team lead, we’re guessing that hybrid working is very much on your agenda. Which is great because organizations that either aren’t offering it, or aren’t consciously developing a new operating model that supports it, are at serious risk of losing their top talent.

After all, research shows that 30 percent of employees would be likely to switch jobs if they were required to be fully on-site, and more than 50 percent want to work at least partially remotely. In fact, according to the report, “in a world where talent is the scarcer of the two capitals—human capital being scarcer than financial capital—companies will have to adjust to what top talent wants”.

So, if you’re still trying to figure this all out, you’re certainly not alone. The change to hybrid is a transformation. And 70 percent of transformations fail, largely due to people—and culture related challenges. So this needs to be managed with care and attention.

The good news is that this guide has been designed to help.

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