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A Manager's Guide to Developing Team Performance

Five tried and tested ways of improving your team's performance
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What you'll find inside:

  • The habits and routines of high performing teams
  • Techniques for maximising employee strengths
  • 4 Tips for giving effective feedback
  • Templates for career development conversations
  • Exercises for creating clear goals for the team and individual team members
  • A retrospective exercise for better learning retention

Learn how to improve the performance of your team and be a great team leader

Developing the performance of your team isn't easy. Not only do you have to have regular, honest and practical discussions with your team about performance but you also have to manage your own workload on top!

Let us give you a helping hand. We've created a guide full of templates, techniques and other practical ways to improve the performance of your team when you don't have time to do hours of research and planning before your next development meeting.

Put these simple techniques into practise and your new team member will soon be thanking you for showing just what it means to be a great manager!

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