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Team Goal Setting Approaches & Examples

Learn three different approaches for setting team goals, complete with example SMART goals, OKRs and balanced scorecards, as well as step-by-step guidance.
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A complete guide to team goal setting, covering:

  • The dangers of setting unrealistic team goals
  • Three different approaches to setting team goals
  • Example SMART goals, OKRs and balanced scorecards for teams
  • Step-by-step guides for setting goals collaborative as a team

Learn how to set effective
team goals

Goal setting is crucial for instilling ownership amongst employees, and for giving them a sense of direction and purpose. The problem, however, is that many organizations focus solely on individual goals, and completely disregard any team-based goals, when in actual fact they should do both.

In this guide, we've outlined three of the different goal setting frameworks that can be used, along with examples of team SMART goals, OKRs, and balanced scorecards.

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