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Blogs, handbooks and templates to transform teamwork
An introduction to how we set about researching the science of CoachBot
1. Teamwork matters
There's significant evidence for what is mostly common knowledge ...
2. Interactive team interventions are effective
Teamwork training has positive...
4. High performing teams have clear foundations
Coaching the team as a unit is...
5. High performing teams reflect regularly
Reflective coaching, where a team considers...
6. High performing teams have effective one-to-ones
One-to-ones are found to be critical to...
7. Psychological safety is key to team performance
A vast amount of research shows that...
8. Team engagement is key to team performance
Team engagement has a positive correlation with...
CoachBot Data Model
Based on the eight research principles...
Outcomes & ROI
The results our clients get from using CoachBot
How does psychological safety improve engagement and performance?

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