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Designed specifically for people managers in scale ups

New to managing people

You’ve recently moved into a new role managing people

Refresh your people skills

You’ve been managing for a few years but you want to keep developing your capabilities

Reduce team issues

You’d like to save time and have extra resources to support your team fully

Improve your influence

You are managing a team of teams and want support to scale across many teams

The 3 components of our program

Experiential & digital

It's amazing how quickly most training is forgotten. It's equally amazing how many people think jazzy software will solve the problem on it's own. You need both. Training to engage and motivate and software to make embedding it easy.

Narrative & science

We blend the engaging and memorable aspects of story telling with the robust and trusted elements of behavioural science to create a programme which is both fun and enlightening.

Leader & team

Leadership development isn't just about the leader. To see a positive ROI on leadership coaching, leaders must prepare their teams for change too. We strengthen the connection between leaders and the teams that deliver performance.
“I think in the future we’ll look back at today and say, using Saberr was the day when things changed for us.”
Hanne Fonnesbæk, Global Head of Organisational Development, Grundfos
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Program overview


A leadership develop development program designed specifically for people managers in high growth companies.

Each cohort is formed of up to 18 people. We run several open enrolment courses throughout the year with cohorts formed of managers from multiple different companies.

We also run bespoke programs for cohorts of managers from a single organisation.


Our open enrolment program is run in central London, United Kingdom. Our bespoke programs can be run anywhere in the world.


Our current open enrolment program is fully booked but please get in touch to enquire about dates for the next one.

What's involved?

The program is comprised of multiple coaching experiences interspersed with opportunity to put learning into practise.

  • In the first session we will introduce the narrative arc that will guide our journey together as we develop our leadership skills. The aim of this narrative is to make the whole process more engaging and memorable.
  • Subsequent sessions will cover critical aspects of leadership. How we develop our inner game. How we coach others in the team. Transitioning to leading the team as whole. How we lead through change and challenge. And how we lead in a way that is aligned to the business and other leaders.
  • In between each session we will suggest activities that help you put principles into practice using the platform and techniques learned.
  • You will have online support through email and Slack and you’ll be able to set up co -coaching sessions on any topic through the process.

And afterwards?

Instead of lots of paper or a binder of information that you never look at again, we give you access to a practical tool - the Saberr platform.

You can use the Saberr platform to develop relationships with your team through psychomtetric profiles, feedback, agenda setting and meeting management, surveys & analytics and a carefully curated set of discussion guides, meeting templates and other content.

During the program we use exercise and tools from the Saberr platform. When you finish the course you will have ongoing access to the platform for 12 months.

“What really stood out about Saberr was that their data driven approach and the huge amount of research at their fingertips regarding what makes an effective team."
Victoria Corbishley, Director of the Eastern Academic Health Science Network
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Program syllabus

The start of each program introduces the narrative that will accompany your development as a leader. This is a highly engaging session delivered through story telling and creates a chance to connect with each other. The narrative arc follows the five steps below.

1. Leading Ourselves. Stepping into leadership, leading ourselves and setting the course.

2. Leading Others. One to ones, feedback and courageous conversations.

3. Leading teams. When the going gets tough, resilience, motivation and leadership presence.

4. Leading under pressure. When things go really wrong (which they will) and crisis management.

5. Leading Change. Learning from the past and adapting to the future.
Module 1 - Leading ourselves
Module 2 - Leading others
Module 3 - Leading teams
Module 4 - Leading under pressure
Module 5 - Leading change

What's unique about this program?

What’s unique about this program? Too much leadership training has a bias to the classroom. Our training has a bias to application. We believe in learning by doing. In fact, research suggests that 70% of learning comes from on-the-job experiences, whereas only 10% comes from courses and formal training. Some of the features that make our program unique include:
  • Scalable. Until now, coaching support has been largely restricted to executive managers and teams. The majority of managers do not have access to these growth opportunities, and report feeling that they need more training and support. This Program can be available to all leaders and managers across your business, regardless of where they are in the world.
  • Cost effective. We carefully integrate high impact sessions and leverage technology to get the most from your budget and provide the best experience to the participants.
  • Hybrid and remote friendly. We’re seeing an unprecedented shift in how we work. This program reflects that new way of working. Combining rich experiences and habit forming technology.
  • Enables on-the-job learning. All too often, leadership is taught as an academic subject. Our program is applied and integrates seamlessly into the way you work. Your managers deal with live issues that are meaningful to them.
  • Evidence based. Our program is developed on 100+ years of research – plus our own groundbreaking research into understanding what makes teams tick, which has been featured in both the Wall Street Journal and FT.
  • Reinforces habits. Often, learning doesn’t stick. There’s no clear pathway for managers to implement the practices that they’ve learned. Our program has a focus on the routines and habits to ensure change happens.
  • Best in class coaches. All good development requires excellent teachers and coaches. Ours are some of the leading experts in the world.
  • Quantify impact through measurement. Built into our program are mechanisms to gather data. The data allows us to spot recurring themes, and provide regular cultural audits. It also enables us to quantify impact.
  • Systemic - individual and team. It’s still important to train individuals. Our program helps individuals, teams, and teams of teams perform together which has a significantly greater impact.
  • Supports culture change. This program results in culture change. It’s not just your leaders that benefit. In fact, all team members understand the principles of leadership, meaning that your succession planning for future leadership roles will become much easier.
85% of teams using Saberr say their performance has improved in the last 3 months
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Program outcomes

Saberr supports managers with having the right conversations with their teams. Conversations that lead to a greater sense of cohesion, psychological safety, and engagement. We know from research that this leads to greater levels of wellbeing, increased efficiency and productivity, and more innovation.
  • Individual Growth. This applied leadership development Program supports employees in developing the key skills needed to be an effective leader. Upon completion of the Program, they will receive the Saberr Applied Leadership Program Certificate.
  • Improved performance. By learning and reinforcing the skills needed to be a great leader, you can expect to see quantifiable improvements in the performance of your managers.
  • Team growth. Managers will be able to help their teams create a strong and healthy culture, where everyone understands what’s expected of them and what they’re working towards. This will subsequently drive improvements in levels of psychological safety within the team.
  • Team performance. Teams will see improvements in productivity, engagement, and morale, subsequently leading to improved levels of team performance. In fact, teams already using Saberr have seen improvements of up to 25% in the first six months.  
  • Aligned organization change. When all teams in your organization are running on a similar program, you can expect to see organization wide change.
  • Organizational learning. Creating, retaining, and transferring knowledge within an organization through peer group learning that is embedded through real life challenges.
  • Stronger networks and relationships. This program will help strengthen the working relationships of both employees and teams across your company, helping to create a more resilient organization.

The results speak for themselves

Results you can expect within 6 months of implementing Saberr
team performance
employee engagement
psychological safety
One of our major challenges was having everyone aligned and clear on their objectives and how these liked to the company objectives. Saberr has transformed that with clear team purpose, goals, retrospectives and 1-1’s.
Annemie De Smet
HRD, Iptor
I think in the future we’ll look back at today and say, using Saberr was the day when things changed for us.
Hanne Fonnesbæk
Global Head of Organisational Development, Grundfos
Saberr are, in my honest opinion, leading the way in terms of combining the best underlying science with impressive analytics, NLP, AI, bots, etc. to support work teams.
Michael O’Leary
Faculty Chair, Georgetown University

Meet your instructors

Chris Smith
Dr Catherine Carr
Daren Jacobs
Featured in
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