Organizational change

Whether your company is going through a digital transformation, merger, acquisition or restructure, your biggest challenge is your people.
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How Saberr drives organizational change

Illustration of Saberr's employee development check-ins feature

Ease employee resistance

Enable managers to appeal to the values and strengths of their team members, with the use of Saberr’s profiling feature. Use this insight to connect with individuals around organizational change and encourage regular one-to-one check-ins to address concerns, with the help of Saberr’s meeting agenda templates.

Give leadership a look at the bigger picture

Get a detailed understanding of how employees are feeling throughout the change process and how this might be impacting their performance. Make use of Saberr’s ready-to-use pulse surveys designed for organizational transformation programs, or create one of your own, using the insights to course correct any issues.
Example of Saberr's people & team analytics dashboard
Example of Saberr's analytics and reports dashboard

Keep everyone aligned

Make sure everyone across the organization is aligned during times of uncertainty. Maintain momentum by ensuring that managers are reinforcing key messages with their teams and keeping conversations focused on what’s important, with help from Saberr’s nudges, prompts and smart tips.

Improve morale with two-way communication

Enable both top down and bottom up communication, keeping employees informed and engaged during periods of organizational transformation. With Saberr, you can make managers the champions of change, by enabling them to facilitate one-to-one discussions and run interactive team sessions to discuss concerns, which can then be fed back to the leadership team.
Example of Saberr's interactive team exercises for defining norms and a team charter
Illustration of Saberr's employee engagement survey on remote work

Monitor whether employees understand the vision of change

Find out whether employees fully understand the vision of change your organization is trying to achieve with Saberr’s pulse surveys. Using this insight, you can identify the teams that aren’t completely aligned and better support their manager through this period of organizational change.

Ensure employees are adopting the right behaviors

Successful organizational transformation is only possible when both individuals and teams adopt the right behaviors. Saberr makes this possible by enabling your managers to not only coach their teams through change, but ensure that they’re embedding the team’s mission, purpose and values into their work.
Illustration of customising Saberr's platform by adding company values
Saberr integrates with Slack, Microsoft Teams, Suite and Outlook

Seamless integrations

Microsoft Teams
Do everything you can do on the Saberr web platform without leaving Microsoft Teams.
Create agendas and get reminders for upcoming meetings right from inside Slack
Microsoft 365
Seamlessly connects with your Microsoft account
Google Suite
Seamlessly connects with your Google account

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